Release: October 28, 1988

The FBI is a very elite organization. They're looking for the best people to help the country. Two women have joined FBI training. Each one of them has something the other person lacks. Ellie DeWitt (Rebecca DeMornay) is a former Marine who is physically tough but somewhat lacking in book smarts. Janis Zuckerman (Mary Gross) is very intelligent but physically weak. They're paired together as roommates and they go through the highs and lows of training, with each one helping out the other as they make their way towards their goal of becoming FBI agents. This is a very underrated 80s comedy. It's somewhat difficult to find nowadays, but I would recommend tracking it down. It has great performances, funny lines and a wonderful score.

Janis Zuckerman: "Are you talkin' to me? Didn't think so!"
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