Robin Hood: Men In Tights
Release: December 15, 1993
Release: December 15, 1993

Mel Brooks' take on the Robin Hood legend stars Cary Elwes in the title role. The plot parodies Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991), The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) and other Robin Hood media.

Wedding Guest #1: "Good morrow, Abbot."
The Abbot: "Good morrow."
Wedding Guest #2: "Welcome, Abbot."
The Abbot: "Good morrow."
Wedding Guest #3: "Hello, Abbot."
The Abbot: "Good morrow."
Wedding Guest: "Hey, Abbot!"
The Abbot: "I hate that guy!"
Little John: "A toll is a toll, and a roll is a roll. And if we don't get no toll's then we don't eat no rolls. I made that up."
Robin: "Blinkin, I'd like you to meet Achoo."
Blinkin: "A Jew? Here?"
Robin: "No, no. Not a Jew, Achoo."
Robin: "(Blinkin catches a arrow aimed at Robin's head) Blinkin!? How did you catch that?"
Blinkin: "Ha! I heard that coming a mile away!"
towns Folk: "mourning Abbot"
Abbot: "good Morrow"
Annoying Man: "hey Abbet"
Abbot: "I hate that guy"
Achoo: "Maybe we should just use the dummies in battle."
Robin: "HA!......*thoughtfully* Hmmm..."
prince jon: "i hope its worth the noise -prince jon"
achoo: "man! white men cant jump -achoo"
Latrine: "Put in a good word for me with the Sheriff of Rottingham. I've got the hots for him. -Latrine"
Sheriff of Rottingham and Achoo: "I was angry at you before Loxley. But now, I'm really pissed off. Pissed off? If I was that close to a horses wiener, I'd be worried about getting pissed on. -Sheriff of Rottingham and Achoo"
Townspeople and Achoo: "A black sheriff?!" "C'mon, it happened in "Blazing Saddles". -Townspeople and Achoo"
achoo: "whats your name? achoo. bless you -achoo"
Marian and Robin: "Oh Robin, promise me you won't go." "All right. I promise you won't go. -Marian and Robin"
scarlet: "move ya tits little john, you look like a flameing Picasso! -scarlet"
achoo: "we didnt land on sherwood forest, sherwood forest landed on us! -achoo"
Robin and Maid Marian: "Maid Marian "That's my chastity belt.. Its an everlast!" Robin "..I'll bet." -Robin and Maid Marian"
Prince John: "I have a MOLE???!!! -Prince John"
Sheriff of Rottingham: "A chastity belt! That's going to chafe my willy! -Sheriff of Rottingham"
Scarlet: "Actually, Scarlet is my middle name. My whole name is Will Scarlet O'Hara. -Scarlet"
Prince John: "Such an unusual name, "Latrine." How did your family come by it? -Prince John"
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