Garfield's Thanksgiving
Release: November 22, 1989
Release: November 22, 1989

Jon's got a hot date for Thanksgiving dinner--a vet who orders Garfield on a diet, but Jon's attempt at cooking dinner is unsuccessful until Grandma comes to the rescue! A great Thanksgiving classic the whole family will enjoy!

Garfield: ""Thanksgiving...humbug. What good is it if you're on a diet?" -Garfield"
Grandma: "And now, for the piece de resistance: Pumpkin pie!"
Garfield: "Skip the piece of resistance. Just gimme a piece of pie"
Garfield: "Oh, woe is me. I've been put on a diet and I'm gonna die. -Garfield"
Garfield: "We wouldn't be the great nation we are today if it weren't for coffee, so do your patriotic duty, Jon Arbuckle, and fix… me… breakfast! [drumbeats, then cymbals]"
Jon: "I wonder if people with goldfish have this problem."
Garfield: "If I can't enjoy Thanksgiving, nobody will! -Garfield"
Garfield: "Yum, yum. Turkey on a stick. -Garfield"
Garfield: "I've been on this diet for ten minutes and I can tell I've already lost something: my sense of humor. -Garfield"
Garfield: "Deep-fat fry! Deep-fat fry! Music to my ears! -Garfield"
Grandma: "Aw. You're looking a little thin. Isn't that grandson of mine feeding you?"
Garfield: "Grandma, I love you. Don't ever leave us."
Garfield: "You know how I LOVE tradition! -Garfield"
Garfield: "Here, Odie. Wednesdays are good and good for ya! -Garfield"
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