Release: February 17, 1995
Release: February 17, 1995

Jerry, an overweight pre-teen, is sent to a "fat farm" for the summer, lured by the promise of go-karts and swimming fun. When he arrives, however, he finds that the camp has been bought out by an exercise/fitness guru whose mental stability quickly deteriorates. Jerry and his friends--including a counselor whose been there 18 years--finally make a stand.

Tony Perkins: "Great a deli meat"
Harvey Bushkin: "One word of advice, NEVER LET ANYONE SIGN YOUR CHECKS!"
Lars: "Now, its time to meet your new owner and operator. Tony Perkis is a man who believes in you. His life is dedicated to saying things like 'YES!' and 'You better believe it!' Entrepenuer, a motivator, and a new friend! May I introduce, TONY PERKIS!"
Jerry Garner: "I'm not going to a camp with a bunch of fat loads!"
Tony Perkis: "Repulse the monkey… Part the wild horse's mane."
Maury Garner: "I did not send you to 'go-kart camp'"
Nicholas: "I knew it was too hot on that bus."
Josh: "Hey come get a taste of England everybody!"
Kids singing in credit song: "be sure and keep theshower door shut, OR ELSE MOSQUITOS WILL BITE YOUR BUTT!!"
Uncle Tony.: "Congratulations, Joshua. You just joined the 76% of americans who forget to stretch before physical activity."
Tony Perkis: "Today's lunch has been cancelled due to lack of hustle. Deal with it."
Tony Perkis: "Tonights lecture is liposuction; Option or Obsession?"
Tony: "Only film the ones that are standing Kenneth."
Tony: "Why you British butterball, I oughta show you what it means to be an American."
Lars: "Congratulations Mr. Simms. You're the fattest boy in camp."
Joshua: "Josh was bad....Josh now good.....must be...GOOD TO SEE MY BIG A** AGAIN ;)"
kid: "NOTHING; NO ONE! GO AWAY!!!!!!"
Simms: "HE'S COMING!!!!"
Tony: "How's it goin', little Tony? Bad. Why? Because everything's falling apart, and I don't… It's not your fault. I know it's not my fault. It's their fault. It's their fault! IT'S YOUR FAULT!!"
Lars: "(funny accent) You broken my camara!"
Tony Perkins: "I see the President of the United States" Jerry: "He's English. -Tony Perkins"
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