The Missing Link
Release: May 21, 1980
Release: May 21, 1980

A young caveman named Oh, who was raised by a brontosaurus, finds out who he really is and sets out on an epic quest to find his own kind that abandoned him as a baby. On the way, he discovers the wheel, fire, and sex. Featuring songs by Leo Sayer. In 1984, A 2nd English Dub was made for America, and was known as "B.C. Rock", which omitted the narrator, added new voices and dialogue, and new songs by rock artists such as Rick Derrigner, Genesis, etc.

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Ah: "[to warn everyone about starting the war] Alright, smart up! This is the plan: We steal from the blind and the children. We-we kill anybody who's not exactly like us. We kill everybody who gets in our way. We caged all the animals. We skin them and we eat them! We take the five-and-dime and make it tenant woody. We bomb all of the countries! We take the women and we take the plains. We attack foreign countries! We like war on the whole world! We annihilate innocent people! And all TV after eleve"
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