Release: April 18, 2003

Stanley Yelnats IV is a nice teenage boy who was born to an unlucky and cursed family. One day he gets falsely arrested and accused of stealing a pair of shoes that a famous baseball player had donated to charity and gets sentenced to Camp Green Lake, a correctional facility where teenage boys dig holes despite the presence of dangerously poisonous creatures. His family blames the curse on Stanley's ancestor Elya Yelnats for breaking a promise to a gypsy in years past. Stanley later sets out with his friend Hector Zeroni "Zero" to find a treasure that his great grandfather Stanley Yelnats I was unable to save from a famous thief named Kate Barlow. Starring Sigourney Weaver, Jon Voight, Patricia Arquette, Tim Blake Nelson, Dule Hill, and introducing Shia LaBeouf. Andrew Davis directs from the screenplay by Louis Sachar; Based on his own 1998 Farrar, Straus and Giroux novel. Produced by Mike Medavoy, Davis, Teresa Tucker-Davies and Lowell Blank; Executive Producers: Marty Ewing and Louis Phillips. Music by Joel McNeely; featuring the original song "Dig It", and the original novel lullaby "If Only" by Fiction Plane. A Chicago Pacific Entertainment/Phoenix Pictures production for Walt Disney Pictures, with Walden Media.

Dr. Pendanski: "What else can you do, Zero? You just won't talk with me, won't you?"
Armpit: "He only talks to Caveman, you know."
Dr. Pendanski: "You think you're better than all of us?"
Zero: "I like digging holes."
Dr. Pendanski: "Then, you're in the right place for it, buddy boy."
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Mr. Sir: "You dig a hole each & every day. 5 ft. deep, 5 ft. diameter."
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Trout Walker: "Yeah, girl! How you like me now?!"
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Dr. Pendanski: "D-I-G. What's that spell?"
Zero: "*Hits him* Dig!"
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ZigZag: "Did you tell him about the lizards?"
Dr. Pendanski: "Ricky, let's not scare Stanley."
X-Ray: "Hey, his name's not Ricky, it's ZigZag, aight?"
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Magnet: "Nobody messes with the caveman."
X-Ray: "Did you see the caveman?"
Stanley: "Look, I don't mess with anybody."
X-Ray: "Later, Caveman."
Stanley: "What? Caveman. I'm Caveman?"
Zero: "Better than 'Barfbag'."
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X-Ray: "Moles don't eat dirt, Worms eat dirt."
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Madame Zeroni: "If you forget to come back for Madame Zeroni, you and your family will be cursed for always & eternity."
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Stanley II: "We're gonna need a damn good lawyer."
Stanley Yelnats III: "We can't afford a lawyer, Pop."
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Dr. Pendanski: "Let me tell you something, Caveman. You are here on the count of one person. You know who that person is?"
Stanley: "Yeah. My no-good, dirty-rotten, pig-stealing, great great grandfather, that's who it is."
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Stanley Yelnats IV: "Hey, Theodore, is there a place where I can fill my canteen with water..."
Armpit: "[grabs Stanley] Yo, my name is not Theodore. [pushes him down] It's Armpit! There's a water spigot over there."
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Sam: ""I can fix that.""
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Warden Walker: ""Excuse me?""
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Stanley Yelnats II: "It was all because of your no-good, dirty-rotten, pig-stealing, great great grandfather!"
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