Beginning of the End
Release: June 28, 1957

Crops thrive on irradiated soil, thanks to the U.S. government, but so do grasshoppers. Starring Peter Graves (from the TV series "Mission Impossible") The film was on the show Mystery Science Theater 3000, episode 517.

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Audrey Aimes: "I don't understand?"
Dr. Ed Wainwright: "Well another words; when we hit the correct sound or signal the grasshopper will react to it and the polygraph will record the change! Now you notice how steady and regular the needle is now! Well when we reproduce the grasshoppers call the lines will become longer and highly irregular!"
Audrey Aimes: "Like a lie detector test isn't it?"
Dr. Ed Wainwright: "Ah ha! But its the first time that a grasshopper ever got one!"
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Dr. Ed Wainwright: "You can't drop an atom bomb on Chicago!"
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Gen. John T. Short: "Dr. Wainright, you're a scientist, you know what grasshoppers can do. I'm a soldier, I know what guns can do."
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Col. Tom Sturgeon: "Where do I get off asking the Regular Army for help with a bunch of oversize grasshoppers?"
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