Sleepaway Camp
Release: January 01, 1983

“Sleepaway Camp” served quite an interesting surprise in terms of contemporary '80s gore. The killer is a transvestite! Well...actually! He was originally a normal little boy whose two dads...and slightly older sister...were slaughtered in an unfortunate accident involving a speedboat driven by two mindless '80s stereotypes--horny teenagers, of course. The little boy (initially named Peter) was thereafter placed in his crazy Aunt Martha's care. Peter became Angela! And Angela became a mute little remnant of a tragic & diseased society. This...somehow...motivates her to kill other teenagers at a secluded yet posh New York summer resort innocently called Camp Arawak. But, unlike Freddy or Jason, Angela kills for...less senseless reasons. The campers are ruthless, nasty little pissants that derive some kind of sick pleasure from taunting shy & reserved little Angela Baker. The tables turn, however, when something much much worse happens to them. Perhaps this movie's greatest accomplishment was that it very carefully avoided any reason for the audience to believe that Angela's taste for blood was a result of her sexual identity issues. Many other movies in the mid ‘80s weren’t even close to breaking that stereotype. Props for Angie!

Aunt Martha: "You're going to enjoy living with us so much, yes I know you are! As a welcome home present, I bought you such wonderful new clothes. I just hope that Richard doesn't get jealous that I didn't get him anything. Oh, but then, he is such a dear. I'm sure that he won't mind. You see, I've always wanted a little girl. But of course, when my husband left... Oh, well, that's only water under the bridges, I always say. Water under the bridge! But it certainly will be a nice little surprise when Richard"
Judy: "How come Angela gets to talk to the boys all day, and WE have to play volleyball?"
Paul: "Hey, Rick, wait till you get a load of Judy! Man, oh, man!"
Artie: "Look at all that young fresh chicken. Where I come from, we call 'em baldies. Makes your mouth water, don't it?"
Ben: "Artie, they're too young to even understand what's on your mind."
Artie: "There ain't no such thing as being too young. You're just too old."
Angela: "Meet me at the waterfront after the social."
Meg: "If she were any quieter, she'd be dead!"
Judy: "You're a real carpenter's dream. Flat as a board and easy to screw. -Judy"
Meg: "For those of you who don't know. I'm Meg. M-E-G! -Meg"
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