Release: June 23, 1987

Joe Friday (Dan Aykroyd) and Pep Streebeck (Tom Hanks) must solve a series of Pagan robberies and bring in a phony priest (Christopher Plummer) to justice. Also starring Dabney Coleman and Harry Morgan.

Sylvia: "Do these look like the breasts of a forty year old woman?"
Friday: "No ma'am. They're quite impressive...bordering on spectacular."
Friday: "Ah, sure, but just like every other foaming, rabid psycho in this city with a foolproof plan, you've forgotten you're facing the single finest fighting force ever assembled."
Jonathan: "The Israelis?"
Pep: "You know the kinds of things that can fall into an industrial sausage press? Not excluding rodent hairs and...bug excrement?"
Friday: "I hate you, Streebeck."
Pep: "And if I may a toast...To Granny Mundy: May you live as long as you want but never want as long as you live."
Pep: "(As Friday jumps out of the tank and starts going after the criminals) Thank God, it's Friday!"
Woman: "(On the Caesar Mansion intercom) Oh, thank God, vibrator repair!"
Friday: "No, ma'am. L.A.P.D!"
(At the P.A.G.A.N rally) Friday: "Prepare the virgin?' I don't like the sound of that."
Pep: "Let's just hope they're not referring to you."
P.A.G.A.N Leader: "For the final touch to our brew tonight, a pristine virgin in a gown of white. Evil bringeth here our plea, she's as pure as she can be! White and clean as driven snow, from Orange County, here we go!"
Joe Friday: "Psudo halogenic collagen cynaogen.....uh huh -Joe Friday"
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