The Devil and Daniel Mouse
Release: January 01, 1978

A young folk singer named Jan sells her soul to the devil, B.L. Zebubb, who turns her into a rock star. But when the B.L. comes to collect her soul, Jan is aided by her boyfriend/former singing partner, Daniel Mouse, and the two try to cheat the devil. The Lovin' Spoonful front man John Sebastian provided the main tune, "Look Where the Music Can Take You," as well as the singing voice of Daniel Mouse. One of the earliest films to come out of Canada's Nelvana animation studio, it was this Halloween TV movie that inspired their later release, the animated cult musical "Rock & Rule."

Daniel: "A song from the heart beats the devil every time! -Daniel"
B.L. Zebubb: "Well, I've learned my lesson. From now on, no more Mr. Nice Guy! -B.L. Zebubb"
B.L. Zebubb: "So, I gave you a chance, and you beat the devil! -B.L. Zebubb"
B.L. Zebubb: "That is a technicality. No one cheats the devil on a technicality! -B.L. Zebubb"
Rabbit: "Come on, man. You can do it! -Rabbit"
B.L. Zebubb: "I call B.L. Zebubb, otherwise known as me! -B.L. Zebubb"
B.L. Zebubb: "If you lose, I get both of you! -B.L. Zebubb"
B.L. Zebubb: "Fair, schmair. Take it or leave it. -B.L. Zebubb"
Daniel: "I challenge the contract. I demand a trial! -Daniel"
B.L. Zebubb: "She signed a contract. It's all down in red and white! -B.L. Zebubb"
Jan: "It's almost midnight now, and you shouldn't be here when he comes! -Jan"
B.L. Zebubb: "We always use blood. It's more permanent [than ink]. -B.L. Zebubb"
Jan: "Can I trust you? -Jan"
B.L. Zebubb: "Take your time, read it all. -B.L. Zebubb"
Wheeze Weasel: "Fame, fortune, fans, gold records, concerts, world tours, your name in lights! -Wheeze Weasel"
B.L. Zebubb: "There's just one thing that might hold you back... if you don't want it badly enough! -B.L. Zebubb"
Jan: "Can you really make me a star? -Jan"
Wheeze Weasel: "Fabulous! Fabulous! Love it, love it! You've done it again, B.L.! -Wheeze Weasel"
B.L. Zebubb: "I like your style. Too bad you're not a singer. -B.L. Zebubb"
B.L. Zebubb: "My card, pretty lady. -B.L. Zebubb"
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