The Flight of Dragons
Release: September 04, 1983

A wondrous tale of action and suspense, damsels and ogres, dungeons and dragons, questing knights and evil warlocks. A young Boston writer goes back in time into an era where wizards and dragon reign and science is just barely known. Produced in 1982, and premiered on ABC the following year. Starring the voices of Victor Buono, James Gregory, James Earl Jones, Harry Morgan, and John Ritter. Arthur Rankin, Jr. & Jules Bass produced and directs from the screenplay by Romeo Muller; Based on the original book by Peter Dickinson, design by Wayne Anderson. Original Music by Maury Laws; featuring the title song performed by Don McLean. a Rankin/Bass production.

Lo Tae Shao + Solarius: "Lo Tae Shao: It is because man has chosen Logic over Magic. Solarius: But why? Lo Tae Shao: Because Logic is so... er Logical -Lo Tae Shao + Solarius"
Carolinus: "Eeen Vuctose Umabella Flamentia! Away with your mill wheel! A ball of blue magic to make it disappear! Disappear say I- -Carolinus"
Carolinus [When asked about his brother]: "My brother Solarius is the blue wizard, lord of the depths and the heights, his realm is outer space, deepest ocean, highest mountain. And my brother Lo ta xia (no idea how to spell) the golden wizard, his realm light and air, he is lord of transcendence, -Carolinus [When asked about his brother]"
Carolinus + Gorbash: "Gorbash: Are you sure this is the limpid pool, of time? Carolinus: My dear young fellow, I am one of the four magic brothers, I should know a limpid pool of time when I see one! -Carolinus + Gorbash"
Wood Elf: "I hid in the soup when I first heard him. -Wood Elf"
Ommadon: "So what are you going to do? Sit around like a bunch of old nannies and let it happen? -Ommadon"
Pawnbroker: "Where do you kids /get/ these things?!? -Pawnbroker"
Gorbash + Carolinus: "Gorbash: Whither dost thou command me, oh, master? Carolinus: Gorbash, please, no formalities. Gorbash: Well, I, uh, like to do things by the book. Carolinus: To the Temple of All Antiquity! Gorbash: Right! [turns around, confused] Gorbash: Where? -Gorbash + Carolinus"
Peter Dickenson + Pawnbroker: "Peter Dickenson: [holding up a pocket watch] This is an heirloom. It must be worth something. Pawnbroker: Your heir didn't loom too big. If I gave you 50, I'd be fired. -Peter Dickenson + Pawnbroker"
Sir Orin Neville Smythe: "Blade with whom I have lived, blade with whom I now die, serve right and justice one last time, seek one last heart of evil, still one last life of pain, cut well old friend, and then farewell -Sir Orin Neville Smythe"
Breog: "[about to drop Peter] May the rocks crush your skull! -Breog"
Ommadon: "While your powers die, mine will flourish! Man will never inherit my domain, for I am making man mine! -Ommadon"
Carolinus: "For as evil is a part of all things, evil is a part of magic. -Carolinus"
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