ZOOM (90s version)
Debut: December 15, 1999
Ended: December 15, 2005

ZOOM encouraged children to "turn off the TV and do it!" On the show, a rotating cast of seven kids (known as ZOOMers) performed various activities such as games, plays, poems, recipes, jokes, and science experiments, all suggested by viewer contributions. The mail-in request in both the 1970s and 90s versions became famous for its musical use of WGBH's zip code, 02134. There was also a language game on the show called Ubbi-Dubbi. ZOOM was a new kind of series when it premiered on January 3, 1972. Unlike other children's fare at the time, it was for the most part unscripted. Unlike Barney and Friends, the ZOOMers behaved like actual children rather than like child actors.

YouTube Videos
David: "Hey cool! Grilled cheese!"
Lynese: "What? Grilled peas?! Yuck!"
Keiko: "She sneezed on the cheese?! Oh please!..."
Jared: "Sneezy cream cheese? I dare you to take a bite!"
Pablo: "Take a bite? Yeah, right! I'd be sick all night!"
Alisa: "Did he say food fight?"
Zoe: "Okay. I'll turn out the light (click)"
All: "Yikes!"
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Zoomer: "Coming soon to ZOOM!"
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Zoomers: "SEND IT TO ZOOM!"
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Zoomer: "A production of WGBH Boston!"
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Zoomers: "ZOOM into Action! And join the zoom team!"
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Zoomer: "Today on Zoom........"
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Zoomers (singing): "Zoooooooooooom! C'mon and zoom! C'mon and zoom! C'mon and zoom! C'mon and zooma zooma zooma zoom! Zoom zoom zoom zoom!"
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