My Favorite Year
Release: October 01, 1982
Release: October 01, 1982

Benjy Stone is the junior writer on the top rated variety/comedy show, in the mid 50s (the early years). Alan Swann, an Erol Flynn type actor with a drinking problem is to be that weeks guest star.

K.C: "Do you think there are funny people and not-funny people?"
Benjy: ". Definitely. On the funny side there are the Marx Brothers, except Zeppo; the Ritz Brothers, no exceptions; both Laurel *and* Hardy; and Woody Woodpecker. On the unfunny side there's anyone who has ever played the accordion professionally."
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Sy: "California? You can't write comedy in California! It's not depressing enough!"
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Alan: "What's in a name? A rose by any other name would wither and die."
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Benjy: "I think I'm going to be unwell."
Alan: "Ladies are unwell, Stone. Gentlemen vomit."
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Alan: "I'm not an actor, I'M A MOVIE STAR!"
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12 years, 6 months ago
I totally LOVED this movie!!!.....every single character was perfect and it seems I am the only one who saw
From Joseph Bologna's egocentric and dumb TV star to Cameron Mitchell's gangster. The REAL star, however, is O'Toole.....over the top and a pastiche of Errol Flynn in his later years. It saddens me that two decades earlier he was "Lawrence of Arabia", but we all were then....
A funny and kind flash back to TV's "golden age".
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