Old MacDonald Had A Farm
Release: January 01, 1946
Release: January 01, 1946

Most prints do not have the orginal titles and has a fake 1949 mountain, and some prints maybe a U.M.&M or NTA logo. A sing-along based on what is now a children's song. This is actually a 40's Noveltoon. Farm Animals play insturments and gags abound in order: The duck snores and the rabbit tries to play the flute, until the rabbit plays in a "choking" gag The sheep sing "Mary Had A Little Lamb" until the pig accidently blows smoke revealing a blackface gag and the "black" sheep sing the oppisite. Another duck plays the flute and the horse blows a bubble and the duck dissapears A Tom and Jerry-esqe gag: The mouse plays the trombone and the cat puts the mouse in his mouth, and the strings play in a guitar like method Another horse goes jazzy with the trumpet, and the chicks, the male and female, dance. Then Old MacDonald claps and asks the audince to sing along by follwing the bouncing ball which leads us to "Old MacDonald Had A Farm", a version which has all the animals in each verse. The transformation from a barn to a night club, where the animals go in a conga line (popular scene for PD VHS tape covers) shouting "Toga, Toga!...." and the baby duck says Toga in a deeper voice, the iris circle appears and it orginally ends with the words: A Paramount Picture.

Old Macdonald: "Here...maybe this will help you. Just Follow The Bouncing Ball! -Old Macdonald"
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