Top 5 Home Video Logos

The Best VHS Logos Ever
November 23, 2010
Well gang, I'm back. For some reason, a Micheal Jackson song that I heard from the previews of a certian movie made me think about the openings of videos, so I decided to pick the top 5 greatest home video logos ever to be pre-recorded on VHS tapes.

5. UAV Corporation (1991-???)

Both the 1989 and 1991 logos were awesome, because they were on one of my favorite broken videotapes, "Old MacDonald (4 Sing-Alongs Down On The Farm)". What's cooler is the slow Worldvision-like WHOOOSHHH! It's like a UAV copter! (pun intended). Allthough I sometimes confused the name with an auto union when I was little, it was still a great way to think about eagles, and more importantly to anticiapate an old cartoon.

4. Paramount Home Video/Feature Presentation Bumper/ Warning (1988-2006)

Even though it scared a number of people, I like Paramount's many fanfares (including the generic ones used on old cartoon end titles). And this is a top one, second only to "Paramount on Parade". This is probably the first or second longest running home video logo in U.S. prints. It was a great way to start a Peanuts or Nickelodeon tape for many reasons. This logo retired when the last Nickelodoen VHS tape was released.
The standard variant went like this: The Paramount print logo moved it's squares with an announcer saying "And now we're pleased to bring you our Feature Presentation", which zoomed in to the copyright warning.

3. Random House Home Video (1986-????)

This logo brings back memories of Arhtur, Dr. Seuss, Berenstien Bears, and Sesame Street tapes. I liked the jingle, you could easily scat the first 9 or something notes like the 60's "Batman" theme and then go do-do-do for the rest of the jingle. It's really catchy. While this may have scared some- the zooming in of "Home Video" may be reminscent of the zooming of "A Viacom Presentation" in the Viacom V of Doom, I'm glad I only grew up with the Wigga-Wigga logo, and I was never scared. I dig the rainbow colors on the house. But what's up with the purple background? Allthough I didn't see it until 4th grade, it looks like it came straight out of the 1987 funding credits of "Reading Rainbow". But still, a timeless cheesy logo. I loved this logo like a kid liking the original film version of "Where The Red Fern Grows".

2. Walt Disney Home Video (1986-2000)

Ahh, yes the first home video logo I ever saw. It brought back so many memories. It was on a lot of my Disney Sing-Along Songs and Spot tapes, if not nearly all of them.

It was the calming logo, so clean, peaceful and serene when played at the right time, and the right volume. It is a logo you can play with a short-lived logo at the end of the previews. No "Classics" logos, just the plain text. Adding "Presents" is also a great 1 second extension.This logo helped me like Schoolhouse Rock, heck I still learned a lot from that oldie.

And the number one home video logo is.....

1. Warner Home Video (1985-1996)

I like the synth "BOOM" note that zooms off the time lapse clouds, almost like a Rugrats opening camera angle. This logo means you're in for a treat with a big huge bombastic synthisizer rendition of Max Stenier's Warner Bros. fanfare. While the current WHV logo is good for boxsets, it ruled the VHS era. And having the thin WB shield be in gold is just.....something. This brings back memories of "Animaniacs" VHS tapes, especially "Animaniacs Sing-Along: Yakko's World". A funny memory that I have is when I had my first eyedrops to get my first glasses the summer before kindergarten, the Free Willy previews were over on the video so while I waited for my eyes to get better from the drops, the first thing I saw with my blurry vision was- this logo. This is one 80's tune that didn't give me bad vibes when I was little, considering 80's stuff was nearly "retro" in the 90's.

Well, all I can say is
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