My History Vol I: Flight

The country of Biancana tries to fly
July 19, 2010
Hello everyone it's me Bianca aka Princess 80s here with another article. I decided to do volumes of events I enjoyed or thought funny when I was a kid. I thought I would start at age 5 for my first one so. This one, marks a day in my history that shall never be forgotten. It shall live on in infamy. This article is about that day. I call it PPFI day. This day is called Peter Pan Flying Infatuation day. It was the day when flying was top priority in my mind. Let me tell you about it.

It was the year 1985 on the 5th of June. My family and I had just came home from eating out at Morrison Restaurant. Dad stopped at a Mom and Pop video store on our way home. What was in the bag was a secret. We gathered around the living-room as dad popped it in the VCR. The famous logo appeared and I knew I would enjoy it.

As the name rolled across the screen I was nearly dancing in my seat. It was peter pan a movie I was told about it by my brother and have been wanting to see it. I watched on as children flew past Big Ben, and as I did a plan began to form in my head. As Peter began fighting pirates I knew what I must do.

As the movie ended I was sent to bed and until I fell asleep I finalized my plan. First thing in the morning I put on my green tights and a green T-shirt. My plan was devised of this:

I: In order to fly like him I must dress like him
II: I need to think only happy thoughts
III: I needed pixie dust
IV: I need to start high up
V: I needed to learn control
I was ready as part one was completed. Part two would be harder as I had to deal with my older brother who would constantly make me have other thoughts than happy. Pixie dust was a problem as was a high enough spot. So I started with happy and by saying "Think Happy" for hours until I actually felt happy.

I searched the room for something I could use as pixie dust. What a found was gold glitter in my glowing box(say that three times fast) it was a glow in a dark MacDonald Halloween box. When i thought about the movie Tinkerbell sprinkled something that looked like glitter so it should work in theory.

I decided to use the loft in my parent's room in case I fell I would fall on the bed. donned in my green I sprinkled pixie-dust over my head. Getting a running start I jumped from the loft. I was in air for a few seconds making me think I did it.

peter pan eat you heart out-Ernest

I fell unto the bed but bounced off unto the hardwood floor. I lost a baby tooth and cried for an hour before I tried again at a lower point. I jumped again and skinned my knee. By the end of the day I had bruises, cuts, holes in my tights, a missing tooth and a sprained ankle before I gave up. My family who had no idea what I was up to found out when I dragged my battered self into the living room and plopped in the middle of the floor.

After being sprayed with torture in a can as I call it I was bandage and punished for trying to kill myself playing peter pan as my mom said. I was never allowed to watch Disney movies without a lecture till nine. However there was one more escapade that my family will never forget and that one will be vol II.

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