My Top 5 Songs and Jingles That Never Left My Head

Songs just never leave no matter what, and you don't know where to look...
November 25, 2013
You all know DuckTales theme never left Doug Walker's head as his well-known alter ego "The Nostalgia Critic" goes bonk-I mean crazy. (sorry i didn't want another catchy Disney Afternoon theme stuck again)

Here's some of my top 5 songs that would never leave, mostly played in the old school vinyl format!

5. Zooin' It- The Toledo Zoo song

It used to be kinda weird hearing this song when crossing the tunnel at the zoo, and while the startling nature gone down over the years, my mind would replace the refrain lyrics with "Toledo Zoo" or "Viewers Like You" (the zoo gives me PBS thoughts, probably because WGTE studios is nearby)

4. Eric Clapton- Layla

What if the Jessica Rabbit scene at the Ink-and-Paint Club in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" was replaced with a female version of Roger Rabbit wooing a male singer and it took place in the 90's instead of the 40's? You'd probably have this song sung......I remember riding through the night..... with THIS on the radio and I kinda pictured my mom's friend.

"Acme on your knees, baby" was probably my misheard lyrics.

3. Bernadette-The Four Tops

Out of all the classic Motown artists, this group happened to have the most songs stuck in my head. Reach Out (I'll Be There), I Can't Help Myself, It's The Same Old Song. But if there's one ear worm from this group that I couldn't find right away from night driving one car radio listen, it's this. The Funk Brothers really gave it an "Arabian Desert" sound to it.

2. River Of Dreams- Billy Joel

"In the middle of the night" got stuck sometimes when thinking about swamps, jungles and forests at night, and I didn't know where it came from. Luckily, this a recent listen to this song inspired me to write this article. Not only that, it came out the year I was born! Billy Joel really got songs stuck in my. What else did he do that got stuck in my head???



See what we're doing today.....Kroger jingle

What sounds like the 80's "Alvin and The Chipmunks" theme is a commercial with a birds-eye view of the store at fast motion that goes "See what...see what you're doing today". This jingle got stuck in my head for years since it aired in 1995 when I was 1 and a half.

I'm not making this up, here's a press release from that time.

So if any Detroit-area residents have tapes of the local news in Summer 1995 or Summer 1995 "Oprah" episodes, please upload the commercial to RetroJunk!

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