Under the Rainbow
Release: July 31, 1981
Release: July 31, 1981

When Gestapo, Secret Service Agents, 150 midgets (extras for "The Wizard of Oz"), and a Japanese camera club converge on a California hotel, the predictable result is total chaos.

Clark Gable: "*Talking about the Midget Posse* Hey, Victor. I think you should leave this scene in the picture!"
Otto: "Looks like you're going to have to go through Otto Kreiling, the master swordsman"
Rollo: "I've got news for you, buster. You're gonna have to go through Rollo Sweet"
Otto: "I plan to"
Henry: "You are bad little people. You deserve to be short!"
The Assassin: "A picture? Grazie"
Rollo Sweet: "No dream is too big nor a dreamer to small"
Bruce: "You'll never get away with this and you know it"
Nakomuri: "We can and we will"
The Duchess: "Goodnight Lipschen, Goodnight Strudell"
The Duke: "Goodbye Strudell"
Otto Kriegling: "*Talking to Nakomuri* One of these days, will no longer be friends"
Otto: "I will cut you in little bitty pieces"
Annie Clark: "Oh Louie, Louie, Louie"
Otis: "*Shouting* HEY, HENRY. I've found the elevator"
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