The Shadow
Release: July 01, 1994
Release: July 01, 1994

The Shadow is a legendary superhero, who because of his unique past, knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men. In his newest adventure, he faces his most ruthless enemy Shiwan Khan, a barbarian planning to destroy the city with an atomic bomb.

Lamont Cranston: "...Oh, THAT knife... -Lamont Cranston"
Lamont and Wainwright: "Lamont: Uncle Wainwright, are you sure you're not dead? Wainwright: Not by a long shot... -Lamont and Wainwright"
Moe the Cab Driver: "You know what I love about this job?...The excitement... -Moe the Cab Driver"
Lamont: "You...are a barbarian. -Lamont"
Wainwright Barth: "Why am I talking to the back of your neck? -Wainwright Barth"
Margo Lane: "It's because...I...don' you! -Margo Lane"
Farley Claymore: "What a FASCINATING woman!! -Farley Claymore"
Shiwan Khan: "Join me, or die! -Shiwan Khan"
Lamont and Tulku: "Lamont: Am I in hell? Tulku: Not yet... -Lamont and Tulku"
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