The Black Balloon
Release: February 09, 2008

A boy who has just moved with his family to another town tries to deal with his ADD, autistic affected brother and also falls in love with a girl who he encounters through his sibling.

Russell: "[sitting next to Thomas, who does not have autism but has been forced to get a ride to his school by riding in the special-education school bus with his brother Charlie who has autism; Russell has autism and is Charlie's friend] Are you riding the bus? Are you coming to our school?"
Thomas Mollison: "No, no!"
Russell: "Oh, yes you are! Thomas is coming to our school! Thomas is riding the bus with Charlie! Thomas is riding the bus with Russell! Do you like buses, Thomas? Do you like buses?"
Thomas Mollison: "[says nothing, but scowls and frowns with discomfort]"
Russell: "[loudly, with the semi-musical inflection of reciting a nursery rhyme] Thomas doesn't like buses! Thomas doesn't like buses!"
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Jackie Masters: "Close your eyes, what do you see?"
Thomas Mollison: "Black."
Jackie Masters: "Look harder."
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Maggie Mollison: "Cheeky Monkey."
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Maggie Mollison: "Simon the underwear goes on the inside."
Simon Mollison: "Maggie please you don't have to worry about it."
Maggie Mollison: "It's very embarrassing."
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Thomas Mollison: "Dad, do you ever wish Charlie was normal?"
Simon Mollison: "All I know is he's my own, and you're weak as piss if you don't look after your own."
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Maggie Mollison: "Your brother will never be able to do the things you can Thomas, He will live with us for the rest of his life."
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