Once Around
Release: May 01, 1991

Swedish director Lasse Hallstrom makes his American debut with the story of taking chances and the love of family. Renata Bella finds herself to be a failure careerwise and in life...and more after witnessing the wedding of her younger sister along with her longtime boyfriend confessing that he had no true intentions of ever marrying her. Feeling jilted and hurt, Renata flies down to the Caribbean to attend a seminar hoping to make it big selling real estate; but instead she finds herself falling in love with fast-talking, top-notch (and much older) salesman Sam Sharpe. A whirlwind romance begins and upon their return to the United States, Sam takes a detour from New York to Boston to bring Renata home and meet her close-knit family. However, her parents, including her beloved father Joe, can't shake the feeling of seeing their "little girl" with an abrasive, over-bearing and rather obnoxious man inside their house and hope that this is just a minor phase for Renata. Then comes a major shock when the two get engaged...much to the chagrin of Joe and kid sister Jan. Soon after the marriage, the Bella family is swept away by Sam's overwhelming generosity while Joe finds it obscene and inappropriate to the point where he just can't take it anymore. Conflicts arise and everyone is coming apart at the seams leaving Renata unhappy and split down the middle leaving to her to make a decision: will she stand the new love of her life or sever all ties with her family forever? Written by Malia Scotch Marmo.

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