Teen Titans Go! To the Movies
Release: January 01, 2018
Release: January 01, 2018

Based on the mega popular TV series, the Teen Titans have to create a movie to prove their true Hollywood stardom, like any big superheroes. Pitching right to Warner Bros Studios they meet Jade, the director who is responsible for all of the world's past superhero movies, but they soon find that Jade is actually supervillain Slade who wants to destroy the Teen Titans and take over the world.

Bruce Wayne (Young): "[walking out of The Monarch with his parents, Thomas & Martha] Golly, thanks to taking me to the movies in this dangerous neighborhood, Dad. ["the movies" refers to "The Mask of Zorro" and "Grey Ghost" playing in a double-billing]"
Robin: "[a bright flash appears in front of Waynes, which is heading into a ally; arrives with the other Titans] Who-oo-oa, stop. You can't go down there."
Cyborg: "That is Crime Alley, you dums-dums! [People are screaming as terrorists uses guns in Crime Alley]"
Starfire: "May I suggest you take a shortcut through Happy Lane instead? [The Waynes agreed as they walked towards the Lane; Batman disappears in the front cover May 1972 #241 issue of "Batman"]"
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Superman: "Why do you think there's never been a movie made about you?"
Starfire: "Well… Has they're been a movie about you?"
Superman: "[referring to 8 films he's been in] So many, and more to come."
Wonder Woman: "[referring to her 2017 film, excluding her "BvS" and "JL" appearences] It took a while, but… Yeah, I have my own now."
Green Lantern: "[referring to his 2011 movie] And there was a Green Lantern movie. But, we don't- we don't talk about that."
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The Atom: "[Jumps out of the limoscene door into the premiere of "Batman Again"] The Atom has arrived! Thank you. [Robin squishes him in his right shoe as he and the other Teen Titans arrive]"
Robin: "Behold… [notices The Atom in his shoe and wipes out] Behold, Titans! This, is every superhero's dream: To have your own movie!"
Beast Boy: "[as he pulls out his food] This burrito is my-yyyy dre-eee-eam. [He eats his burrito]"
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