Rain Man
Release: December 16, 1988

It Tells The Story Of An Abrasive And Selfish Yuppie Charlie Babbitt Who Discovers That His Estranged Father Has Died And Bequeathed All Of His Multimillion Dollar Estate To His Son Raymond An Autistic Savant Of Whose Existence Charlie Was Unaware Of Charlie Is Left Only His Father's Car And His Collection Of Roses.

Charlie Babbitt: "Raymond, don't pull this shit alright. Did you ficking hear me? Shut up!"
Charlie: "Put the phone book down and go to sleep."
Raymond: "It's usually lights out at eleven."
Charlie: "Yeah, well new rules."
Raymond Babbitt: "(3x) 97X, BAM, the futue of rock and roll."
Charlie Babbitt: "Okay Raymond, that's enough. Change the channel."
Charlie: "YOU'RE the rain man? -Charlie"
Raymond: "We're counting cards. -Raymond"
Raymond: "dad lets me drive slow on the drive way, im a really good driver -Raymond"
Raymond: "well I was just seventeen, if you know what I mean and the way she looked was way beyond compare, I'll never dance with another-ooo, since I saw her standing there" -Raymond"
Raymond: "quantus, quantus never crashed -Raymond"
Charlie: "this guy is a friggin nutcase -Charlie"
Raymond: "97X BAM the future of rock and roll -Raymond"
Raymond: "Kmart sucks! -Raymond"
Raymond: "Ten Minutes to Wapner! -Raymond"
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