Friday the 13th
Release: May 09, 1980

In this legendary horror film, a man named Steve Christy sets out to re open his families old summer camp despite years of mysterious retaliation against prior attempts. Several anxious young counselors arrive at Camp Crystal Lake only to find out that Mr Christy has also assigned them the jobs of helping him reconstruct the place. After long hours of work the group catch a break when Mr Christy drives into town for the evening for supplies and is held up by a rain storm. The teens then do what teens will do untill an unwanted stranger proc eeds to kill their buzz one grueling murder at a time. You don't know who the killer is or what their motivation is untill the end of the film. This film was the spark to the powder keg that was the Friday The 13th Franchise.

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Mrs.Voorhees: "You let him drown! You never paid any attention! Look what you did to him! Look what you did to him!"
Pamela: "Jason is my son. And today is his birthday. -Pamela"
Pamela: "Jason....wasn't a very good swimmer. -Pamela"
Brenda: "Wait till he lands on my Old Kentucky home! -Brenda"
Officer Dorf: "You kids keep your noses clean you understand? You'll be hearing from me if you don't. We ain't gonna stand for any weirdness out here. -Officer Dorf"
Pamela Voorhees: "Kill her mommy... Kill her... Don't let her get away mommy... Don't let her live. I won't Jason. I won't. -Pamela Voorhees"
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