Christmas with the Kranks
Release: November 24, 2004
Release: November 24, 2004

Nora and Luther Krank are in for a Christmas alone this year. Their daughter Blair is going away on a Peace Corps assignment in Peru over the holidays. After looking at how much money was spent last Christmas, the two decide to skip Christmas and instead attend a ten-day cruise over the holidays. This decision is considered less-than-ideal by the Kranks' friends and neighbors which render them the neighborhood scrooges. All takes a turn for the hectic side, however when Blair announces a surprise return home with a Peruvian finacee for the annual family Christmas party. Mr. and Mrs. Krank have only 12 hours to form a perfect family Christmas with no preparation.

Luther Krank: "[The opening credits begins while he & Nora is waiting; The Sony Alarm Clock/Radio goes beeping at 8am; first line after he stops the clock] We should get moving. Got a big day."
Nora Krank: "Okay. [She & Luther got out of their bed as the opening title flickers in on the Christmas wreath.]"
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