Fist Fight
Release: February 17, 2017

Fierce teacher Ron Strickland is the single most feared teacher in school who is able to intimidate his students into always behaving, even up to the last day of the year before summer vacation. Meanwhile fellow teacher Andy Campbell is the only other faculty member that knows of Strickland's behavior. After Campbell inadvertently gets him fired Strickland challenges him to a fight in the school parking lot after school.

Campbell: "Look, we can get caught up in the whole statement game. Who said what and what they meant by what they said, and what words mean when people say them, and, you know, who's making a statement and what the statement means, and whose statement has something to do with something that someone else says. And, see, statements get... You know? And then..."
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Coach Crawford: "Give him 85%! Right in the Flintstone!"
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Strickland: "Snitches get stiches!"
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Strickland: "You think this is funny? Messing with the TV with your goddamn computer telephone?"
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Campbell: "Teachers can't fight!"
Strickland: "We're gonna handle our differences like real men."
Campbell: "What differences?"
Strickland: "You got a job and I don't! That's the fucking difference!"
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