Snow White: The Sequel
Release: January 31, 2007

It follows what happens to Snow White and Prince Charming after their marriage, including the Prince's sexual trysts with Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. Prince Charming was supposed to live long and happily with Snow White after kissing her back to life. However the jealous 'good' fairy decides that she and the prince were meant to be, only the start of a whole series of perversions of various fairy tale characters' traditional good nature. The dwarfs (Horny, Grungy, Scumy, Filth, Funky, Spotty and Mental) suddenly become a greedy, blackmailing loan shark syndicate. Sleeping Beauty is now a hypocritical, overly virtuous, selfish Princess. Cinderella's case is more than just a 'rags to riches' story. The Prince must figure out how to deal with all of these problems and more to get back to his sweet, innocent, uncomplicated Snow White.

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Prince Charming: "[to the magic wand flying to Sleeping Beauty's Castle where Snow White's held captive] I want Snow White! Not Sleeping Beauty, you idiot wand!"
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Sleeping Beauty: "[topless, shouting to everyone at the ball] I WANT MY PRINCE! I want my prince."
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Bimbi: "There's a man over there with a gun."
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Prince Charming: "This morning, I am going to show you how we really make a little prince."
Snow White: "[about having sex] Are you going to put your thing in my special place?"
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Prince Charming: "High ho, trusty steed! Ride with the wind!"
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Kid: "[looking at Cinderella] Ooh, now she is HOT!"
Owl and Sheep: "Yeah, she is hot!"
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Kid: "wuzzat? What's happening?"
Owl: "Our beloved young sovereign is getting engaged again. Second time in a week."
Sheep: "That's right! Second time in a week!"
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Good Fairy: "Now, I am really pissed. Screw that little goody two-shoes. I'm gonna wreck her marriage and take her man."
Narrator: "Oh, really! And how you intend to do that?"
Good Fairy: "YOU SHUT UP! [she grabs the wand and zapped at the narrator]"
Narrator: "Please! Do not do that again! I promised to be good."
Good Fairy: "It's time to say good night, Snow White. Here we go. [then, she summons "Sleeping Beauty"]"
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Good Fairy: "[disguises as an old fairy] Greetings, fair prince."
Prince Charming: "Greetings, good croan. How to far this fine morning?"
Good Fairy: "Why, good sovereign? Hard times for them miss making pies for the living?"
Narrator: "[felt grumpy] Oh no..."
Good Fairy: "I was hoping you taste one of my pies and give it the royal houses seal of approval. [she shows the pie to the Prince Charming by attempting giving to him] Hmm?"
Narrator: "[about Prince Charming skips breakfast] Oh my god, he hasn't had breakfast!"
Prince Charming: "Hey, look at tooth summoned deed, good croan."
Good Fairy: "Hmm!"
Prince Charming: "But last, my dear wife cooks any vegetarian dishes from the purest organic ingredients. [then he gives a gold coin to the Good Fairy then, he leaves away] Cheerio!"
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Bimbi's Mother: "[watching Prince Charming] Isn't he grand, Bimbi? Someday dearest, you'll grow up to be a prince just like that."
Bimbi: "Ugh... You mean he only have two legs and no horns!"
Prince Charming: "Frankly Storm, some of these larger animals of the forest are starting to look mighty attractive."
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Snow White: "[to Seven Dwarfs] Why Horny, and Grungy, and Scumy, and Mental, how lovely to see you all again."
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Good Fairy: "[repeated lines] I'm only 3,032!"
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Tom Thumb: "Help! Save me from the wicked ogre!"
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Beast: "How was your rename, dear heart?"
Beauty: "Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother turn out to be a real animal. A Big Bad Wolf."
Beast: "How big?"
Beauty: "Very. And did you have a good ball, dear?"
Beast: "Why? I had several. [they both laughed]"
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Good Fairy: "A little privacy, please?"
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Seven Dwarfs: "[singing] Ow, ow, ow, ow. Forgot that fix and how. No wait it's scrape, my makes my date, no need to must've fate. [whistles] It's bad but good, It's fits right were it should. Oh gob what fun, when your uppy shutems-, My think I'm going to come oh sun, It's good for everyone. It's a tricky little step, When you get it back to tremp, my bunless now a- [stopped singing]"
Huntsman: "[to Seven Dwarfs] I'm looking [hiccup] for Snow White."
Horny: "The ogre got her!"
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Snow White: "Don't move, Horny! There's something's in your tight! It looks like a snake! [then she kicks]"
Funky: "Hey, you! Wait your turn!"
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Cinderella: "Good Fairy! What in I catching gown and such in original hair do."
Good Fairy: "That'll be enough with the fashion news, honey. Now you know the way this worked right when midnight strikes, you fade."
Cinderella: "Um... I'm not so sure about that anymore."
Good Fairy: "What is that mean?"
Cinderella: "He's such a hung and he is a prince. I think I want him."
Good Fairy: "You jump-top little slut!"
Cinderella: "Who?"
Good Fairy: "You keep your paws off my prince!"
Cinderella: "Your prince? [she throws a banana peel at Good Fairy against the wall then she laughed] Oh, you poor rosy to me. How old are you again? 3,057?"
Good Fairy: "Hey, I'm only 3,032!"
Cinderella: "And you have the hots for a hunky young sovereign. That's so pathetic! [then Good Fairy cast a spell on Cinderella]"
Good Fairy: "Look sweetie! Flirt with him all you want! Tongropaderdoper tit go for it! I want him so hot he's smoken. But til midnight, you're outta here!"
Cinderella: "Darling, midnight's hours away. Plenty of time for me to work my magic. But kind to your 3,000 year old equipment can't handle."
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Waiter: "[to Cinderella] M'lady, a slice of Bimbi's mother?"
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Good Fairy: "Don't worry, Sir Sugar buns. You'll be having an orgasm soon enough with me. You needed tad more fluffing to be ready for a mature woman. And I've got just a girl. [then, she summons "Cinderella"]"
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