Release: September 19, 1990
Release: September 19, 1990

A 15 year old kid in the 1950's is really interested in becoming a gangster. There is a bar outside of where he lives and he watches the gangsters that live there play cards, dice, and do business. He starts to work at the bar getting to know the gangsters that run it better. He starts to sell cigaretts for them and then gets arrested by the cops. He wins the case and then as he grows older becomes a gangster himself, and as he gets more and more older more trouble and business comes along.

Henry Hill: "As far back as I could remember I'v always wanted to be a gangster. -Henry Hill"
Henry Hill: "Henry -"There was Johnny Two Times...we call him that cause he says everything two times" Two Times-"Im gonna get the papers, get that papers." -Henry Hill"
Jimmy Conway: "You've just learned the two greatest lessons in life. one, never rat on your friends, and two, always keep your mouth shut. -Jimmy Conway"
Billy Bass: "Now go home and get your f***ing shinebox! -Billy Bass"
Tommy DeVito: "I worry about you sometimes Henry, you may fold under questioning -Tommy DeVito"
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