Release: July 31, 1998

A great movie with 3 friends, Trey Parker(Coop), Matt Stone(Remer), and Dian Bachar(Squeak), they create a new driveway legend game called BASEketball. A billionare, Ted Denslow (played by Ernest Borgnine), wants the game to go national. See what happens in this hilarious movie starring the creators of south park.

Voiceover guy/Coop: "Voiceover guy: roadkill caught on tape Coop while watching animals getting mode over: aw aw I can't believe those assholes taped over the game! aw aw aw! -Voiceover guy/Coop"
Robert Stack: "This just in, We still have no fu#*ing clue where this guy is. -Robert Stack"
Remer: "(Talking to a dildo) I am soooo Jealous of you! -Remer"
Coop and Remer: "Coop: (singing) You shoula been gone! Remer: Dude I said no more Journey Psych outs! -Coop and Remer"
Coop: "Your mom is going out with sqeak! -Coop"
Announcer: "Just to think a couple of years ago those girls wer in grade school. -Announcer"
Coop & Remer: "Squeak its a guy! -Coop & Remer"
Coop & Remer: ""bitch" to Squeak countless times -Coop & Remer"
rich guy...: "kids these days have an attention span that can only be measured in nanoseconds! (camera cuts to coop who is staring at a bird in a tree for the rest of the scene) -rich guy..."
Rhemer: "Okay Jenna open your blouse and say ahh! -Rhemer"
Rhemer: "Okay Jenna open your blouse and say ahh! -Rhemer"
Jenna, Joey, Coop & Remer: "Jenna: Come on, Joey search your heart. What's the one thing you want most in the world? Joey: Chelsea Clinton? Coop: That's a pretty tall order, dude. Remer: You'd have a better shot at Bill. -Jenna, Joey, Coop & Remer"
Remer & Coop: "Remer: I'll come, I love hospitals! Coop: No you don't, you like Taco Bell. Remer: No this one time I went to a hospital and got together with this really hot chick. Coop: Dude, that was a hostile. Remer: Oh, yeah. -Remer & Coop"
Coop & Remer: "Cooper: Dammit man, I'm trying to save an innocent life! Remer: I'm given ya all I got captain. Coop: I love ya, always have. [Both start laughing.] -Coop & Remer"
Coop & Steve: "Coop: Hey, Skidmark Steve, cool. You still hangin' out, playin' Nintendo? Skidmark Steve: Well, if you must know, I'm in my second year of med school and I'm training for the Summer Games. What are you two up to? Coop: Just hanging out. Playing Nintendo -Coop & Steve"
Coop: "First we get jobs, then we get the khakis, then we get chicks. -Coop"
Squeak: "God dammit man, I swear if you guys rip on me 13 or 14 more times, I'm outta here. -Squeak"
Coop: "Dude, you couldn't get a chick if you had a 100 dollar bill hanging out of your zipper. -Coop"
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