U.S. Marshals
Release: March 06, 1998
Release: March 06, 1998

Tommy Lee Jones returns as United States Marshall Sam Gerard, the role that earned him an Academy Award, in this sequel to the 1993 blockbuster The Fugitive. Gerard has been assigned to escort a federal prisoner to a maximum security prison in Missouri. On the same flight is Mark Sheridan (Wesley Snipes), who has been convicted of the murders of two Federal agents, though he insists he's innocent. The plane is involved in an accident leading to a crash, and after helping to rescue some of the passengers, Sheridan escapes. The State Department informs Gerard that finding Sheridan and putting him back behind bars is a top priority, and Gerard sets out on his trail, with the very much uncalled-for assistance of eccentric FBI agent John Royce (Robert Downey Jr.). However, Gerard soon begins to wonder just how Sheridan became such an important man in the eyes of the government, while Sheridan is determined to find out who turned him in to the authorities. U.S. Marshals also features Joe Pantoliano, Daniel Roebuck, and Kate Nelligan.

Newman (to Marie): "Can you verify your signature? Are you here legally maam?"
Royce: "Are you aware of the harboring and abetting laws?"
Newman: "That's five to ten years."
Royce: "And they kick you out of the country."
Newman (later on): "So you do know him."
Royce: "You just lied to us."
Newman: "That's a federal offense."
Cosmo: "You do this, and it won't be about Newman anymore. It's all about you, the great Sam Gerard."
Sam Gerard: "Yes, I am."
Cosmo: "And you always have to win."
Sam Gerard: "Yes, I do."
John Royce: "I thought we didn't take our work personally."
Sam Gerard: "We don't. I do."
Marshal Walsh: "How does it feel to nearly get killed?"
Sam Gerard: "If he wanted to kill me, he would've shot me in the head, not in the vest."
Marshal Walsh: "Did it ever occur to you he might have missed?"
Sam Gerard: "I don't think we are dealing with a guy who misses."
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