Release: December 21, 1988
Release: December 21, 1988

When the New York child performer CC Bloom and San Fransisco rich kid Hillary meet in a holiday resort in Atlantic City, it marks the start of a lifetime friendship between them. The two keep in touch through letters for a number of years until Hillary, now a successful lawyer moves to New York to stay with struggling singer CC. The movie shows the various stages of their friendship and their romances including their love for the same man.

cece and hilary: "cece: "well is it a good color on me or not, be specific!" hilary: "alright, no its not, it makes you look like a corpse, is that specific enough for you?!" -cece and hilary"
cece: "He hates my hair -cece"
cece: "p.s I hate my hair -cece"
cece: "If you call me buggs your dead! -cece"
cece: "Thats enough about me, lets talk about you- what did you think of me? -cece"
Hilary: "I was jealous, I was so jealous I couldn't see straight. You did everything you said you were going to do - EVERYTHING, and this talent, this amazing talent- I CANT EVEN YODEL! -Hilary"
Cece: "I went for a swim in the central park boating pond with my REAL friends -Cece"
Hiliary and cece: "hilary: "who is that woman?" cece: "what woman?.....that's no woman thats my mother, LETS GO LEONA! -Hiliary and cece"
CeCe: "Iris Miendowski's a hand-walking queer! -CeCe"
hilary + cece: "Hilary: "keep in touch CeCe okay?" Cece: "well sure, we're friends aren't we? -hilary + cece"
hilary and cece: "Hilary: "you dont know how this feels, your still in the land of the living!" Cece: "well so are you! your not dead yet so stop LIVING as if you are! -hilary and cece"
Cece: "Harry your an angel, if your mother hadn't been such a bitch we coulda shared something important -Cece"
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