Empire Records
Release: June 28, 1995

A group of people who work in a music store find out it's going to be sold to a large chain and they may lose their jobs, but they band together and try and save their favorite place. This is not just a movie about music it is a great movie about friendships, love, but most of all the LOVE people have for music!!!!

Mark: "Cool. 'Marc Sucks'."
Lucas: "Rap, Metal, Rap, Metal....Whitney Houston?"
Warren: "It's for my girlfriend."
Lucas: "Sure it is."
Marc: "SHOPLIFTER!!!!!"
Marc: "Damn the man.......save the Empire."
Lucas: "What's with today, today?"
Rex: "Say no more, mon amore."
Gina: "You know it's too early.....it makes the customers all crazy like."
Marc, Lucas and Warren: "Marc: "gotta get rex some water. rex is very very thirsty." Lucas: "whos your favorite singer?" Marc: "axel." Lucas: "well if axel rose saw rex manning stranded in the middle of the highway would he help him out?" Marc: "does axel have a jack?" -Marc, Lucas and Warren"
Gina and Deb: "Gina: "Well Sinead O'Rebellion. Shock me shock me shock me with that deviant behavior." Deb: " I swear you get smarter the shorter your skirt gets" Gina: "And you get smarter the shorter you're hair gets so it's a good thing we went with that. -Gina and Deb"
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