The Country Bears
Release: January 01, 2002
Release: January 01, 2002

Based on Walt Disney's "The Country Bear Jamboree" attraction, originated for California's Disneyland. In 1991 an all-bear country music group called the Country Bears broke up. The group's number one fan, Barry Barrington is a young bear who was adopted and raised by a human family, who say they will love him no matter what. Barry soon sets out on a journey and comes across Country Bear Hall, the former club where the Country Bears preformed. Caretaker Big Al soon tells him the future of the club is in jeopardy from the antics of greedy banker Reed Thimple. The club's manager suggests holding a benefit concert to save the club and sets Barry out to re-unite the group. Meanwhile, missed by his family, the Barringtons send out officers to find and return Barry to them.

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