The Goonies
Release: June 07, 1985
Release: June 07, 1985

A group of Astoria, Oregon kids facing their last days together before a development paves over their homes stumble onto evidence of a pirate (One Eyed Willy's) treasure, They find a dabloon with a hole in it which they match up to an island to find the entrance. Chunk one of their friends gets kidnapped by a family of criminals who then pursue them. Lord of the Rings fans will be shocked to find a young Samwise Gamgee, AKA Sean Astin as Mikey. Watch out for the Truffle Shuffle by Chunk (Jeff Cohen) and the crazy gadgets by Data played by Ke Huy Quan (Short Round from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom). Corey Feldman of The Lost Boys also makes one of his landmark appearances.

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Jake Fratelli: "Hm, I'm beginning to like this kid, Ma."
Brand: "(To his next-door neighbor after taking her trike) "I owe you one"."
Ma Fratelli: "Follow Them Size 5's"
Chester Cooperpot: "I've got the key to one eyed willie"
Brand: "If God wanted it that way, we'd all be pissing in our faces"
Chunk: "Well maybe Michael Jackson didn't come over to use my bathroom...But his sister did."
Mouth: "Why, Mrs Walsh, I speak perfect Spansih."
Troy: "Andie, you Goonie!"
Mouth: "Hey Mikey you gotta go to the bathroom""
Mouth: ""Washington, Lincoln, ... Martin Sheen..."
The Sherrif: "Just like that last prank about all those little creatures that multiply when you throw water on 'em."
Rosalita: "My god! I'm in a madhouse."
Chunk: "Hey, Mikey! If you can hear me, run! Run! They're coming after ya!"
Bret: "Mickey, Dad said not to touch this stuff."
Mickey: "But look at this map. Hey Chunk hold this."
Chunk: "This so cool..."
Mickey: "3, 2, 1... (Chunk drops the frame)"
Rosalita: "My god! I'm in a madhouse."
Mouth: "This is supposed to be water?"
Mama Fratelli: "It's wet, ain't it? Drink it!"
Chunk: "I smell ice cream!"
Mrs. Walsh: "Look at you. You're hyperventrilicating here. -Mrs. Walsh"
Data: "The octopus was scary! -Data"
Mouth: "Mikey, come over here and give me a big lickery kiss! -Mouth"
Data: "Them guys telling me to use the stairs when Data's falling.. Data's falling and nobody's caring anymore... -Data"
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