The Warriors
Release: February 09, 1979

When Cyrus, President of the largest and most powerful street gang (The Gramercy Riffs) in all of New York, calls a massive truce between 100 gangs in five boroughs, everyone shows their colors at the meeting. But something goes terribly wrong. Cyrus is shot dead and the meeting is raided by cops. The murderers (The Rogues) frame a Coney Island gang, perhaps the toughest in the city. They are The Warriors. Now over 20,000 NYPD and more than 60,000 sworn enemies are out to wreck The Warriors. Running from Van Cordtland Park, over 27 miles behind enemy territory, The Warriors must bop their way through the entire city to get back home to Coney Island where a final showdown takes place between The Warriors, The Rogues and The Riffs. Also, the theme song was used on DJ Z Trip and DJP's Uneasy Listening Volume 1 including bits of the movie's dialogue.

RIFF'S!!!: "(Riff's Gang)"
Cyrus: "That my brothers, is a miracle. And miracles, is the way things ought to be."
Leader of the Rouges: "Because im havin a good time"
Rembrant: "They think we did shot Cyrus"
Rembrandt: "Sh**! The chicks are packed! The chicks are packed! "
Cleon: "You got the stuff? I want you to hit everything in sight, I want everybody to know The Warriors were there."
Ajax: "I'll shove that bat up your ass and turn you in to a popcicle"
Cowboy: "You never know what you're gonna run into out there, we're wearing our colors and we can't hide. "
Vermin: "Who wants to hide?"
Masai: "You Warriors are good. Real good. "
Swan: "The best"
D.J.: "Be lookin' good, Warriors. All the way back to Coney. You hear me babies? Good. Real Good. Adios "
Luther: "There he is... that's him... that's... the warrior!"
Cyrus: "Can you count, suckahs?"
Swan: "You know your just part of everything that's happening tonight and it's all bad!"
Ajax: "I bet nobody's even going to be there."
Rembrandt: "They think we did it, they think we shot cyrus. -Rembrandt"
Ajax: "maybe we'll get to bust a few heads along the way."
Radio DJ: "This is a special for the warriors that real live bunch from coney."
Cowboy: "30s a lot more then 8"
Ajax: "Not if there all a bunch of wimps"
Rouge leader: "That's him over there that's the warrior."
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