A League of Their Own
Release: July 01, 1992
Release: July 01, 1992

The Second world war is beginning. Most of the baseball players are being drafted. In an attempt to save the sport, several owners formed the All American Girls Baseball League. The film begins in the 90s as one of the players from the 40s leaves to attend their installation in the Baseball Hall of Fame. The story told in one long flashback, is of two sisters who play in the inaugural year of the league. They have to establish themselves with baseball professionals, the public and each other as they try and live the lives of women athletes in the 1940s.

Jimmy Dugan: "By the way, I loved you in The Wizard of Oz. -Jimmy Dugan"
Ernie Capadino: "Hey cowgirls... see the grass, don't eat it -Ernie Capadino"
Kit: "Have you ever heard mom and dad introduce us to people... This our daughter Dottie. This is our other daughter Dottie's sister -Kit"
Jimmy Duggan: "WHO'S LOU?! -Jimmy Duggan"
Jimmy Dugan: "There's no crying in Baseball! -Jimmy Dugan"
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