Release: October 27, 1989

High-powered investment banker John Tremont is always "on-the-run" so much so that he hasn't seen his family over the years. And when his aging mother, Bette, suffers a heart attack, he drops everything and flies out to be by her bedside. While she recovers, John stays with his father, Jake and teaches him to be more independent where he had always been looked after by Bette through the years. Soon the relationship between father and son is being rekindled each day and more when John's estranged son Billy arrives for a visit. But not long after Bette returns home from the hospital, Jake finds himself falling ill only to discover that he has cancer. John does everything he can to pull his father through, but after a miraculous recovery, Jake's new zest for life puts a strain on his marriage which may threatened to tear the family even further apart. Written for the screen and directed by Gary David Goldberg and based on the 1981 novel by William Wharton who passed away in October, 2008.

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