Zane the Pain Issue: #2

Shopping Center Turmoil
March 30, 2010
A glimpse of Gympie

Just a few images to help you capture the look and feel of Gympie before we start.

The train station

In the middle of town

Another view of town

The Valley Rattler Steam Engine

This unforgettable childhood memory occurred when I was at the young age of 6. I had been invited up to my Nan and Grand dads place for the weekend. This was a great way to get away from things, a great way to get away from my step dad and his shenanigans. The best part about going to Gympie was that on almost every occasion I was treated to something, in most cases a toy. On this occasion I take an unexpected trip to Target (A massive shopping center filled with all your shopping needs) and end up getting the spanking of a life time.

Zane the Pain Issue: #2
Shopping Center Turmoil

It was a beautiful Saturday morning in Gympie; I had just woken to the annoying sound of Magpies that had always been accustomed with the nature of Gympie. Gympie if you didn't already know is a backwards little town situated in Queensland. I opened my eyes and was immanently intrigued by the smell of sizzling eggy bread or French toast as some may call it. My Nan made the absolute best French toast in the world better than my mother's I dare say. I nestled myself down at the dining table with a hot Milo and 2 delicious slices of French toast with a hardboiled egg and soldiers (thin strips of toast) on the side and I must say it was a meal fit for a king. I gobbled down my breakfast like a horse then plopped myself down onto the old lazyboy and tuned into Saturday Disney.

What a sexy beast I was..

I was half way through Duck Tales when Nan announced 'hmm... Grand dads asleep how'd you like to go out for the day?' a large smile grew on my face as I nodded to her suggestion. Whenever Nan announced something like this it always meant I would be treated. We were half way out the door when Grand dad woke up and asked where we were going. 'Were just going out for a bit go back to bed' Nan said. 'Well I'm up now aren't I? I might as well come'. We both groaned and waited for him to get dressed. Whenever grumpy Grand dad came along with us he'd always complained over the most pointless things.

Nan and grumpy Grand dad.

Our first stop was the grocery store which I always enjoyed helping Nan shop for her things. It was even more brilliant when my cousin Angus would come over; wed sprint down the aisles then jump on the back of the trolley and race each other to the end. We went through the checkout and I was treated to a chocolate milk for all my hard efforts. Next stop was the cinemas to see the greatly anticipated movie Toy Story. Grand dad was in one of his moods and sat in the car whilst I saw the movie with Nan. You'd think a large coke, a large Grand dad corn and a chocolate coated ice cream could fill an 6 year old boy? You thought wrong because I came back for second helpings (YUM!). Not a bad reward for pushing a shopping trolley wouldn't you agree?.

A little drawing I did.

We returned from what is now one of my favourite movies to find Grand dad asleep on the steering wheel. 'How about we go to Target and shout you something Zane?' Nan had said to me. My face lit up with a large smile as I nodded to Nan's suggestion. We pulled up at Target with a screeching halt. I twitched in excitement, what I would get this week some WWF action figures, a few decks of Pokemon cards, the next issues of Sonic the Hedgehog. The excitement became too much for my little brain to handle, I pushed open the door and sprinted across the road. I screeched to a halt when Grand dad said 'get your little ass back here or Ill smack your bottom so hard you won't be able to sit down for weeks'. The very thought of him doing this scared me shitless and made me do the exact opposite of what he was saying.

I bolted into the entrance and hid behind the counter. I waited there to recollect my bearings. Grand dad was on my tail, he burst into the shopping center and went on a frantic search to find me. I ran up into the gaming department to take my mind of all this terror. I was admiring Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo when I heard 'OI YOU GET OVER HERE' it was Grand dad running towards me faster than I had ever seen an old bloke move. I turned around and ran for my life screaming with fear but giggling with an unexpected adrenaline rush. I took a sharp right into the ladies bra and panties section. I looked over my shoulder and was happy at what I found, Grand dad was no were to be seen, I had lost the bastard. BANG!!! I had been too busy looking over my own shoulder to see what was right in front of me. I had collided directly into a manikin displaying items of clothing. The manikins arms and legs flew into all directions. The dress that it was wearing had now gotten caught around my head rendering me unable to see. Before I could stop myself I tripped over the Caution Wet Floor sign and slid across the ground skinning my knee in the process. This was not just a little graze the floor took a large roll of skin from my knee I let out a large yelp and burst into tears. Blood dripped down my leg and into my shoe making my foot feel all sticky.

Not only had I drawn the attention of my Grandfather but he had now told the assistant manager that I was missing so I had the entire staff looking for me. Rather than sitting there and licking my wounds I got up and immediately started running again, it was as though I was running for my dear life. I heard the thumping footsteps of two employees chasing after me. I turned wildly into the foot wear department but they had somehow cornered me on both ends. They inched closer and closer towards me snickering at my misfortune so I decided to repeat what Leonardo did in Ninja Turtles. He slid under Shredders legs by sliding on his stomach along the floor. I attempted to repeat this process but it didn't go to plan. I got a running start and leaped what felt like a meter in the air and landed flat on my face. They stood there flabbergasted and wondered if I was alright so I scrabbled in pain under his legs and out the aisle. I rubbed my aching face as I ran, it was red and swollen but it wasn't badly damaged. As a fat kid it was very rare for me to run that fast and that frequently but the rushing adrenaline must have kept me going.


I had thought about giving up and heading back to Nan and Grand dad but the thought of receiving a spanking frightened me. It appeared that I had lost any site of him or the staff so I spent the next 20 minutes wondering around the store hoping for some amazing reason that this was all a dream. I had caught site of Grand dad, I was standing at one side of the aisle and he was at the other. It reminded me of one of the old western movies with Clint Eastwood, we stood at each end eying each other down as if we were about to quick draw out pistols. He approached me slowly obviously hoping I wouldn't run away again. I slowly stepped back as he followed me forward. 'Come here now boy, if you come now you'll only get the hand not the belt, it's your choice Zane'.

The thought of him imprinting his hand on the cheeks of my bottom was dreadful. I turned around and ran around the corner plowing into a pyramid of Kleenex toilet rolls. Rolls of toilet paper launched into the air and landed in all sorts of directions. I sprinted into the ladies changing rooms and burst into a stall. I stood there face to face with a half naked woman. We both let out a horrific high pitched scream, I stood there for ages just staring at her breasts, just gazing at her luscious bosoms until she hit me across the head with a magazine. I exited the changing rooms and looked for somewhere to hide and that's when I saw it. The spinning clothes rack crammed packed with extra large t-shirts and shorts. I barged my way through the mass amounts of clothing until I had arrived in the middle. I plopped myself down onto the metal stand and waited for three to four hours listening the fat men and women rummaging through the clothing until I eventually fell asleep.

I awoke the next morning and popped my head through the clothing and examined the time. It was 10.30am and the thought of Nan being blamed for my misbehaviour begun to enter my mind. I spent another hour or so hiding in there until a fat man popped his arm through and grabbed my hair. He jerked at it violently (probably thinking it was a coat of some sort) until I screamed 'YOU HAVE MY HAIR!' The hand eminently released the grip and popped his head through the clothing. 'What are you doing here little fellow?' he said to me 'n-n-north-h-hang' I stuttered. He grabbed hold of my arm, pulled me out and dragged me to the counter. 'Excuse me this little boy seems to be lost' the cashier held up a photo of me that my grandparents had given them. 'Oh.. Your Zane aren't you? Allot of people have been looking for you mate' I nodded in fear. I found myself sitting on the bench outside with the fat man awaiting my Grandparents to arrive.

The day of reckoning had come there Ford Falcon had pulled up and Grand dad stepped out of the car, he was ropeable. He stomped towards me practically leaving potholes in the ground and took my by the arm. He was so angry he didn't even thank the fat man for finding me. He jerked me up to his vehicle, lifted me onto the bonnet and pulled down my trousers. "OH LORD HERE COMES THE HAND" I said to myself. I looked over my shoulder to find Grand dad unbuckling his belt. 'PLEASE NO GRAND DAD! ILL BE GOOD FROM NOW ON'. He ignored my pleading cries and held me down on the hot, boiling bonnet. I squirmed my little chubby legs trying to get free but it was no use. CRACK! Went the belt and OUCH! Went Zane. Horrified spectators gazed on to this vicious spanking. When all was said and done I had 6 swollen, purple belt imprints on my bum cheeks. Tears streaked down my innocent little face as he threw me into the back seat. Nan was in the passenger's seat feeling sorry for the beating I took. I had to sit on my hands on the way home because my bottom stung painfully every time I applied pleasure on it. 'Nan I'm really really sorry' I said with large sulky sobs. 'Its ok Zane just'... 'NO ITS NOT OK! YOU HAD YOUR PARENTS WORRIED SICK YOU SILLY LITTLE BOY!' Grand dad interrupted. I hung my head in shame as we pulled up into the drive way. I had to hop inside because it hurt like hell whenever I would walk. Nan rung my parents and arranged for me to be picked up sometime in the afternoon.

Beautiful car, terrible memories

Grand dad went off to bed ferociously and left me and Nan in the lounge room. I ran up and wrapped my arms around her waist giving her a large give me sympathy hug. She hesitated for one moment then hugged me on back YES! I thought to myself I'm off the hook. 'Well let's make you some French toast and a nice warm Milo before your parents come' I nodded in agreement and hopped into the kitchen. An hour later a car pulled up at my drive way. My heart pounded as I saw my step dad hop out of the car and walk towards the house. I looked onto Nan in horror but she shook her head and said 'you have to go home mate.. you can come back another day'.

I lowered my head and slumped towards the door 'Zane this might make the trip home a little more pleasant'. She held up a Nintendo 64 game, it was Super Smash Brothers 64. I squealed in excitement and pecked Nan on the cheek. I spent the hour's drive home reading the manual and admiring the box art while a screaming step dad yelled at me. I was grounded from the television for months but it was all worth it when I put Super Smash Brothers in the Nintendo and played it for the first time ever. I didn't go back to my grandparents place for quite a while three years to be exact. Sure Nan and I phoned each other but I was always too scared to go back and face the wrath of grumpy Grand dad. I assure you when I did return I was not as eager to break the rules as I had been three years ago.

You've just read Zane the Pain issue 2.

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