Silver Bullet
Release: October 11, 1985

In this undistinguished Stephen King horror adaptation, the good residents of Tarker's Mill are dense enough to ignore or explain away a series of violent deaths until a little boy is torn to pieces while flying his kite after dark. At that point, the men gang up and go into the fog-shrouded woods to hunt down whatever slasher is out there. The most they achieve is the sighting of one hairy arm and a few more sacrificial victims. But life goes on, and when the summer fireworks show is cancelled because people have deduced it might be fatal to stay out after dark, the Coslaw family's invalid, wheelchair-bound son Marty goes coasting off to the bridge to shoot his own fireworks. Needless to say, the hairy killer beast that is certain to be lurking there gets shot in the eyeball by one of Marty's rockets and is now an unhappy hairy killer beast. Even when a respected town biggie starts wearing an eyepatch, no one really takes notice. They must not watch many horror films

Uncle Red: "Where's your mom?"
Marty: "She and Dad are out back lighting the barbeque, yeah, and Jane's walking around in all these new clothes showing off her tits, acting like no one ever had tits before her."
Uncle Red: "I understand that my niece and nephew have been sending little love letters to the local minister suggesting he gargle with broken glass, or eat a rat-poison omelette!"
Jane: "Oh, I hate you, you booger!"
Marty: "You know who used to have a baseball bat like that? Mr. Knopfler."
Uncle Red: "So?"
Marty: "It looked like Bigfoot had used it for a toothpick!"
Maggie Andrews: "What is it, Bobby? You gonna make lemonade in your pants?"
Milt Sturmfuller: "Damn cripples. Always ending up on welfare. I'd electrocute 'em all if there weren't so goddamn many."
Uncle Red: "What the heck you gonna shoot a silver .44 bullet at anyway?"
Mac: "How 'bout a werewolf?"
Uncle Red: "I feel like a virgin on prom night!"
Herb: "Its under the fog!"
Bobby: "No, its behind us. I told you we should've turned back Andy. You can't trust this fog!"
Uncle Red: "Holy jumped up bald-headed Jesus palomina. From him I'd expect it. Sometimes I think your common sense got paralysed along with your legs. But from you Jane? You're Miss Polly Practical!"
Reverend Lowe: "You meddling little shit!"
Uncle Red: "I'm a little too old to be playing "Hardy Boys meet Reverend Werewolf"!"
Jane: "In the make believe stories a man becomes a werewolf only when the moon is full. Maybe somehow it's different. Maybe he's like this all the time."
Marty: "This one's for the good guys!"
Herb: "Its right here with us! (Growling can be heard)"
Andy: "Oh shit! Run! Run!"
Uncle Red: "There are no such things as werewolves!"
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