Revenge of the Nerds
Release: November 01, 1984

Louis and Gilbert are worried that college will be just the same as highschool in the sense that they will be made fun of for being themselfs whic hin the public eyes are nerds, when they get to college they find out quick that it is the same as highscholl or maybe worse. They run into the local Jocks The Alpha Beta's who try to give the Nerds a hard time and try to make there stay at Adam's College the most difficult expierience of there lives , along the way The nerds run into some badluck but also meet some fellow outcasts who band together and finally put there revnge on those who well deserve it

Stan: "That's my Pi!"
Lewis: "(looking at breasts) "Nature's thermometers!""
Coach Harris: "You know, when you were a baby in your crib, your father looked down at you, he had but one hope - some day my son will grow to be a man. Well look at you now. You just got your asses whipped by a bunch of goddamn nerd!"
Booger: "I want bush! Pan down!"
Booger: "I've been out combing the high schools all day."
Lewis: "Do any of you have dates, besides Gilbert?"
Lamar: "I do!"
Booger: "Yeah, but that's with a guy."
Lewis: "Panty raid!!"
Stan Gable: "Kiss this, nerd!"
Dean Ulich: "First up, Frederick Palowakski."
Fred: ""Orge", you asshole!"
Dean: "'"Orge", you asshole!'."
Betty Childs: "I'm in love with a nerd!"
Booger: "We've got bush!!"
Takashi: "Oh , hair pie! Hair pie!"
Booger: "Step aside momma, I wanna see some of that muff!"
Ogre: "Nerds!....Nerds!.....NEEERRRDS!!!!"
Stan & Booger: "Stan: what are you looking at (drives away) Booger: I thought it was my mom's old douche bag but that is back in ohio! -Stan & Booger"
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