Ernest Goes To Jail
Release: April 06, 1990
Release: April 06, 1990

In Ernest Goes to Jail, Jim Varney returns as leering idiot savant Ernest P. Worrall, star of scores of TV commercials and feature films. Varney also takes on a second role in the film: an unrepentant, cold-blooded murderer named Felix Nash. When Ernest serves on the jury for Nash's murder trial, Nash arranges for look-alike Ernest to go to jail, while he stays on the outside to plan a major bank heist. Fortuitously for the criminal, it's the same bank where Ernest works as a security guard.

Ernest: "I'm not going to whine or complain even though I got tater tots when what I really wanted was mashed potatoes."
Ernest: "I came. I saw. I got blowed up."
Mr. Nash: "To the moon, Bozo"
Ernest: "I've been Vandalized by Elvis!"
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