The Raccoons On Ice
Release: January 01, 1981

The Raccoons on Ice" was the second of four Raccoons specials. Like the other specials (the made-for-TV ones at least), it was seen in the U.S., Canada, and England (on BBC). It was also the first North American animated special selected for viewing on The Disney Channel. It's winter time in the Evergreen Forest, and Julie, Tommy, and Schaeffer are enjoying themselves ice skating on Evergreen Lake. Also having a good time are Bert, Melissa, and Ralph Raccoon, who like to play hockey on the frozen lake . . . although Bert isn't very good at it (despite his bragging). When the children come inside after being promised hot chocolate by their father, Dan the Forest Ranger, Schaeffer goes off to join the Raccoons. On the way, he runs into Cedric Sneer, who is practicing his hockey too. He also meets a new friend: Sophia Tutu, whom he compliments on her ice skating.

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