Release: January 01, 1994

Nick Miller (physics teacher and amateur pilot) manages to create a time traveling device using an airplane and a Commodore 64. He then decides to show off a test run (going to the prosperous year of 2041) to a local reporter and old friend Lisa Hansen (Bonnie Pritchard) and GenCorp executive Matthew Paul (Peter Harrington). After this Matthew Paul informs GenCorp's CEO J.K. Robertson (George Woodard). After Nick gives J.K. Robertson a test run, J.K. then offers a licensing agreement for Nick's invention. Nick and Lisa start to have a new loving relationship with each other and return for a quick date to 2041 to only find a devastated city of rubble. They find out that Robertson has more plans for the time traveling technology then what Nick was told. Nick and Lisa must go to past, present and future to reverse the damage they caused. Directed by David Giancola. It was made for $150,000 and through Giancola's production company Edgewood Studios In 1997, the film made it's most famous appearance on the show Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) on the Sci-Fi Channel where the film found a cult status

Nick Miller: "I never should have joined the physics club in high school."
J.K. Robertson: "Matt, it's time for you to decide if you're one of my team players or not!"
Marty: "Whoa, minutemen!"
Nick Miller: "Correction, they are pissed minutemen!"
Lisa Henson: "Bring your ray gun?"
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