Midnight Run Quotes
Jack Walsh:"Serrano's got the disks, Serrano's got the disks!"
Jack Walsh: Are you gonna propose?
Joey: Propose?
Jack Walsh: Yes, propose. Because if not, quit staring at me OK?
Airline Pilot: Can I help you guys?
Agent Mosley: I'm Special Agent Mosley.
Airline Pilot: Mosley? Are all of you guys named Mosley?
Jack Walsh (repeated line): MARVIN, MARVIN, LOOK OUT!!!!
Marvin: Give me a one-way ticket to L.A.
Ticket Agent: Will that be smoking or non-smoking?
Marvin (while blowing cigarette smoke): Take a wild guess.
Jonathan Mardukis: You're a grown man. You have control of your own words.
Jack Walsh: You're darn right I do. So I've got two words for you: Shut the f*** up!!!
Agent Mosley: Where's Jack Walsh?
Train Porter: He got off about two or three stops ago. His real name is Mosley.
Agent Mosley (yelling): I'M MOSLEY!!!!!
Jonathan Mardukas: How come you have not seen your ex-wife and daughter in nine years?
Jack Walsh: Just to get you off my back, she married a police lieutenant and I'm not very popular with the Chicago police.
Jonathan Mardukas: Why aren't you popular with the Chicago police?
Jack Walsh: What do we, know each other?