U.S. Marshals Quotes
Newman (to Marie): Can you verify your signature? Are you here legally maam?
Royce: Are you aware of the harboring and abetting laws?
Newman: That's five to ten years.
Royce: And they kick you out of the country.

Newman (later on): So you do know him.
Royce: You just lied to us.
Newman: That's a federal offense.
Cosmo: You do this, and it won't be about Newman anymore. It's all about you, the great Sam Gerard.
Sam Gerard: Yes, I am.
Cosmo: And you always have to win.
Sam Gerard: Yes, I do.
John Royce: I thought we didn't take our work personally.
Sam Gerard: We don't. I do.
Marshal Walsh: How does it feel to nearly get killed?
Sam Gerard: If he wanted to kill me, he would've shot me in the head, not in the vest.
Marshal Walsh: Did it ever occur to you he might have missed?
Sam Gerard: I don't think we are dealing with a guy who misses.