Sergeant J.J. Striker (Charles Napier) is a hard-drinking cop who tracks down a serial killer that can seemingly repel bullets in this routine crime drama made in 1985. Sommers (Robert Zdar) kills prostitutes and paints Chinese symbols on his victims. Rene (Michelle Reese) is the hooker who teems up with Striker in an attempt to nab the killer. Gary Crosby plays an unpopular cop caught with a transvestite prostitute, with a bevy of beauties led by Tally Chanel and Ola Ray who play the ill-fated victims. — Dan Pavlides

Charles Napier - Sgt. J.J. Striker
Michelle Reese - Rene
Katherine Kelly Lang - Denise
Robert Viharo - Charlie Garrett
Joey Gian - Buddy/Brown
Robert Z'Dar - Sommers
Leila Carlin - Terry
Gary Crosby - Vic/Gallegher
James Louis Watkins - Julius
John F. Goff - Captain
Diane Summerfield - Lannie
Tally Chanel - Brenda
Ola Ray - Sable Fox
Joan Chen - Mai Wing
Roy Jenson - Cook
Buck Flower - Tramp
Lydie Denier
Linnea Quigley
Marcia Karr