It's Christmas Time In L.A. And There's A Christmas Party On The 30th Floor Of The Nakatomi Plaza, It All Comes To A Hault When The Partygoers Are Taken Hostage By A Group Of Terrorists Lead By Hans Gruber Who Plans To Steal The $600 Million Dollars Locked In Nakatomi's Vault, Hans Gruber And His Group Of Henchmen Are Only Pretending To Be Politically Motivated To Throw The Authorities Off Track, Hans Gruber Has No Intention Of Allowing Anyone To Get Out Of The Building Alive, New York City Police Officer John McClane Has Come To L.A. To Visit His Wife Who Happens To Be One Of The Hostages, Disregarding The Orders Of The Authorities Surrounding The Building John McClane Who Fears Nothing Takes On The Terriorsts Armed With One Handgun And Plenty Of Explosives.