A Goofy Movie chronicles a wacky summer vacation between Goofy and his teenage son Max. Goofy still treats Max like a little kid, but Max just wants him to leave him alone. He has a big plan to impress the girl of his dreams, Roxanne, for the last day of school. It works, but is caught by Principal Mayzer, who goes overboard and tells Goofy that Max is a hooligan who causes riots and will someday "end up in the electric chair". Max manages to ask Roxanne to go with him to a party where everyone will watch a Powerline concert on tv, but Goofy plans to take him on a camping/fishing trip. Unable to tell Raoxanne the truth, Max says that Goofy's taking him to the concert to be on stage with Powerline. During this hectic trip, Goofy and Max visit a possum-based amusement park, have run-in with Bigfoot, Goofy and his son Max, nearly go over a waterfall, and learn about growing up and loving each other