Princess Odette and Prince Derek are just kids...and their parents want to betroth them to unite their kingdoms. The problem is Odette and Derek despise each other-until they become adults. Prince Derek finds Odette irresistible and proposes to her. When she feels that he is only doing this because of her beauty, she declines. But soon, the evil wizard Rothbart kills Odette's father in a plot to take over the kingdom and turns Odette into a swan until she agrees to marry him. The only way to break the spell is for someone to vow everlasting love to her. Odette befriends a turtle named Speed, a frog named Jean-Bob who's convinced he's an enchanted prince and wants Odette to kiss him so he can change back, and a friendly Puffin. Derek wants to prove that his love is not just superficial and break Rothbart's spell. The animation is great, the songs are a bit silly at times, but this is a beautiful movie and is recommended if you like romance as well.