Thank God I was a Little Girl!

A display of all the splendors of being a little girl in the 90s.
January 19, 2007
I was born on March 20th, 1989, the day that would begin the most sugary sweet girly childhood this world has ever known, my childhood. When I was a little girl I wore nothing but pink and dresses and pigtails with bows. My room had pink carpeting and rainbow wallpaper with a Strawberry Shortcake toy chest and Barbie's Fold n' Fun House in the corner; and to this day I still think I was the one who started the Disney Princess fad. One of my earliest memories from little girlhood was My Little Pony.

What little girl couldn't be captivated by those adorable big eyed faces and colorful manes! I remember how I would take my 20 or so My Little Pony toys and line them up in front of the television and watch that show every morning before I went to school. Then of course they took it off the air, but lucky for me I had a big sister who had most of the episodes on tape, and I got a good share of her My Little Pony toys too!

Now onto another toy that stayed with me all through my childhood: Barbies. You could not walk two feet into my room without finding Barbies, Barbie's dream cars, Barbie's dream houses, Barbie's ponies, Barbie's clothes, Barbie's shoes, or anything else Barbie. I couldn't resist walking down that blinding pink aisle in the toy store and grabbing everything I could. I remember how I used to light up when I would get loads of Barbies and Barbie accessories for Christmas and my birthday. I remember the Christmas when I got my My Size Princess Barbie. Now that was a happy Christmas! I even remember some of my favorite Barbie dolls:

Olympic Gymnast Barbie.I remember my Grandma gave me this as a gift when she came back from vacationing somewhere. I would have so much fun making her do flips like crazy.

Glitter Hair Barbie. Now this is one that I had a blast with. I remember all the messes I used to make putting the glitter in Barbie's hair and in my own. I even remember how good that glitter stuff smelled.

Pearl Beach Barbie. Here's one I loved. I would always take her in the pool or bath with me.

Then there's the aformentioned My Size Princess Barbie. I used to love dressing her up in my clothes, and wearing the dress she came with until I grew out of it.

The only thing in this world that rivaled my love of Barbies as a child was Disney. I was a total Disney addict. My room was covered in Disney posters, pillows, stuffed animals,rugs and dolls. As a little girl I donned Disney dresses, socks, shoes, jewelery, and hair clips. I owned just about every Disney movie ever made on VHS and watched them all about 10 times over. And what was my favorite aspect of Disney? The princesses of course! Belle, Jasmine, Ariel, Cinderella, Aurora, and all the many others. I still think I was the inspiration for the whole Disney princess fad of today. Somebody saw me walking down the street in my Cinderella dress, my Little Mermaid shoes, and My Beauty and the Beast hat and said “Hey! We could make good money off of this!”

I owned just about as many Disney Princess dolls as I did Barbie dolls. My family took yearly trips to Disney and every year I would come back with more and more princess memorabilia.

Some of the Disney Princess dolls that I owned. The color changing Jewel bathing suit Jasmine one was my favorite out of these three, she had the most beautiful hair. I had about a thouasand of these kinds of dolls but these were the only pics I could dig up on the internet of the old fashioned Disney dolls.

I was a Disney Princess nearly every year for halloween. I believe I even won a costume contest for donning one of my gorgeous princess gowns.

If I wasn't playing with my Barbies or watching Disney movies, I was playing games on my Grandpa's computer or games on the Sega Genesis that I inherited from my big sister. I would sit for hours and play games that involved princesses, castles, ponies, Barbie, prince charming, makeup, Barbie, fashion, flowers, and did I mention Barbie? Like I said, I did own just about everything Barbie. Now onto some of my favorite computer/video games.

Barbie Magic Hair Styler. This was a definate favorite of mine. You could get Barbie ready for her date, her job, or her wedding day. I remember how my Grandpa used to yell at me for using all of his expensive printer ink printing out countless pictures of all the different hair styles I could give Barbie. My best friend at the time and I also used to have a blast making her look stupid by giving fixing her makeup so she would look like a clown and giving her bangs that covered her whole face.

Crystals Pony Tale, one of my favorite Genesis games as a little girl. You would play as Crystal the pony, and the object of the game was to save your pony friends that the evil witch kidnapped. The soundtrack consisted of classical music and you had to travel through lush forests and dark caves solving puzzles and collecting treasures and trying to find the magic crystals that would save your pony friends.

A great Disney game for the PC, Beauty and the Beast: Be Our Guest. In this game you had 5 tasks to complete: Making a dress, baking a cake, picking flowers, aiding Lumiere in his dance, and composing a song, all to throw together a grand ball in Princess Belle's honor. I had a lot of fun with this one.

And of course there were the Disney movie tie-in games. I loved these games! I could never beat them though, so I would usually cheat.

Another game I would use up tons of printer ink on. Barbie fashion designer! In this game you would design outfits for Barbie and she would model them at a fashion show.
Not only was I an avid video gamer, I also had my share of board games.

Pretty Pretty Princess. I don't quite remember what you had to do in this game, I think it was whoever collects the most jewelery wins. I remember how I used to make my grandpa play this game with me and how funny he looked wearing all that jewelery!

Another piece of my immense collection of all things Barbie. In this game you had move around the board collecting things for Barbie to wear to her prom. My friend and I used to play this all the time, all we wanted was to get the sparkly blue dress for Barbie to wear and to get the horse for her to ride to the prom on.

This was a game I played often with my friend. It was a board game version of truth or dare. You chose either truth or dare than you would pick a card and the card would ask you a private question or tell you to do something stupid like eat a ketchup sandwich or wear a bra outside of your clothes. If you backed out on either you would have to wear a red sticker on your face. It was kind of a wierd game.

This was my all time favorite board game, Enchanted Palace. The object of this game was to overthrow the witch and save the queen. The game was in the shape of a popup castle and on the tower you would stand a game piece of the witch. When you won the game you would press a button on the tower and the little doors on it would send the witch flying and behind the doors was a picture of the queen. The game was played with a speaker that would tell you where to move. When the witch came over the speaker she would call out the name of a random room in the castle and whoever was in the room at the time had their game piece turned into a frog, and they could'nt progress any further until they were changed back. This was truly an awesome board game and I intend to order one if I ever find someone selling one.

Now when it comes to movies, there were plenty of other ones that I watched besides my plethora of Disney princess ones.

Anastasia! I must have watched this movie about a hundred times and it never gets old. They show it on HBO pretty often so I watch it whenever it's on. It's based on a true story about the Grand Duchess Anastasia and how she was separated from her family by the evil Rasputin. She loses all memory of her past and is searching to find it. Her grandmother, the Empress of Russia is offering a handsome reward to anyone who can bring her precious granddaughter back to her. Anastasia or "Anya" as she was named, meets up with two con men who are looking for a girl to play the part of the princess Anastasia. She agrees to travel with them and they go on a journey to meet with the Empress. The movie has excelent songs and really is a fun to watch.

Another movie that I've watched countless times. The live action version of Alice in Wonderland. In my opinion, this was ever better than the disney version. It had catchy songs, more elements from the book, and Natalie Gregory, the little girl who played Alice was absolutely adorable. It was a tradition that I would watch this movie every Christmas eve. I don't know why, being that this movie had nothing to do with Christmas, but I did it every year.

One of the most watched movies of my childhood. I could be in the worst mood ever and all I would have to do is watch this movie and I would feel good again. This movie definately had some significant cheering up power! The songs in this movie are awesome and the story is great. It's about a Princess named Odette and a Prince named Derek. Since childhood, their parents have been trying to hook them up so they'll one day get married. When they become adults they do fall in love and decide to get married. Odette, not wanting a man to marry her just for looks asks "What else do you love about me besides the way I look?" Derek, being the dumb, moronic man he is asks: "What else is there besides looks?" Odette storms out of the castle and as her and her father are making their way back home their carriage is attacked by The Great Animal. Odette's father is killed and Odette is taken away by Rothbart, the villian in the story. Rothbart casts a spell on Odette that turn her into a swan by day, and reverts her back to a human by night. The spell will last until Odette agrees to marry Rothbart so he can inherit her fathers kindgom. Odette is rumored to be dead back in her home kingdom but Derek is convinced that she's still out there somewhere and swears that he will find her and make a vow to her of everlasting love.

I saved the best for last. The Last Unicorn! To this day, this is still one of the best movies I've ever seen. It has a haunting musical score and the animation is absolutely gorgeous. The movie is about a unicorn who hears rumors that she is the last unicorn that there is. Frightened by this knowledge, she leaves the safe haven of her forest and goes out to find where all the other unicorns could have gone. She learns from a butterfly that the Red Bull has chased all the unicorns away somewhere, so she searches to find the Red Bull and what he's done with the rest of her kind. Throughout her journey she meets up with Schmendrick the magician and Molly Grue. She learns from them that the Red Bull belongs to King Haggard and in order to save her race she must find a way to infiltrate King Haggards castle and find what he has done with all the unicorns. I recently just got done reading the book and the mini-sequel to this movie. The book was amazing, the sequel was rather sad though.

There was a lot more to my little girlhood, but these are all the things that really stick out in my mind. I truly was lucky to be a little girl in the 90s. Little girls today definately don't have it as good. They hardly even get to be little girls anymore with padded bras being sold to 6 year olds and the media telling them that they should diet. Barbies are being replaced with My Scene and Slutz er, I mean Bratz dolls.

The baby dressed like a hooker is disgusting! Would you buy these for your little girl?
Also the good quality artwork of Disney movies is being replaced with pixelated crap, which really pisses me off.

Of course, being a little girl nowadays does have some perks. Disney princesses are still a thriving fad and what little girl wouldn't kill to have a Butterscotch pony!
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